The Antiquity Project

One of multiple variants; The brand-mark within the software changes under certain usage conditions. Details.

Knights of Alterius

The brand-mark and some elements of the attract title screen for an arcade video game. Details.

RPG Status Menu

This mock-up represents the status menu page for a roleplaying game for which I was the UI artist. Details.

Queen Zeal

One of the antagonists of Chrono Trigger

Stream Heroes

This broadcast application allows viewers to collectively play against the host in an JRPG style battle.


The silent protagonist of Chrono Trigger, from a cancelled fan-game I was involved in.

Self Portrait

Itsa Me!


Lucca from Chrono Trigger, part of a cancelled fan-game.

Marle & Leene

Marle/Nadia and Queen Leene from Chrono Trigger; Implemented as an alternate skin.


Robo, from Chrono Trigger.


Frog/Glenn from Chrono Trigger.


Ayla, from Chrono Trigger.